TRUE Sick Stories
Zany Zone

 This woman went through the drive thru of Burger King for lunch a couple of years ago. She ordered a chicken sandwich (the breaded kind...before spicy chicken or grilled chicken became big sellers for BK) and specifically requested NO MAYO because she couldn't stand the stuff. She drove away without confirming that she got what she ordered. As she drove, she began to eat the sandwich and realized that there was Mayo on it. She was none to pleased but was so hungry that she ate it anyway. When she got about halfway through the sandwich, she began to feel very ill. She stopped eating the sandwich but felt increasingly worse as she continued to drive. She felt so bad that she drove herself to the hospital emergency room. She took her sandwich with her since she started feeling bad after eating the sandwich. The hospital performed tests onboth her and the sandwich and found out the following...the sandwich actually didn't have any Mayo on it. In reality, the chicken had a tumour on its breast. When the chicken was breaded and fried, the tumour burst inside the breaded chicken breast. The Mayo-like substance was actually pus from the tumor. Kind of makes you want to swear off fast food and Mayo doesn't it!

 This girl was really in a hurry one day so she just stopped off at a Taco Bell and got a Chicken soft taco and ate it on the way home. That night she noticed her jaw was kind of tight and swollen. The next day it was a little worse so she went to her doctor. He said she was just having an allergy reaction to something and gave her some cream to rub on her jaw to help. After a couple of days the swelling had just gotten worse and she could hardly move her jaw. She went back to her doctorto see what was wrong.Her doctor had no idea so he started to run some tests. They scrubbed out the inside of her mouth to get tissue samples and they also took some saliva samples. Well, they found out what was wrong. Apparently her chicken soft taco had a pregnant roach in the one she ate!!!! The eggs then somehow got into her saliva glands and she was incubating them. They had to remove a couple layers of her inner mouth to get all the eggs out. If they hadn't figured out what was going on, the eggs would have hatched inside the lining of her mouth!!!!!!!!!! She's suing Taco Bell, of course.

When I was in college my roommate and I wanted to try and cook a turkey... try being the operative word. I bought a turkey and put it in the freezer, one day I guess my roommate got hungry so he took it out of the freezer and it was frozen he put it in the sink and soaked it in hot water. I guess he got bored because he ordered Chinese food and put the now defrosted turkey in the freezer again (minus the plastic cover). About 6 months later I was going to move out and I opened the freezer to clean it. Needless to say it is the first time in my life I have ever seen a green turkey

One day I was at my friend's house, we were outside all day, it was really hot out and when we got in we was really thirsty. She told me to go get her and me some ice cream out of the freezer. Well I was looking around and took a box out that looked like ice cream. I opened the box and to my surprise it was her dead pet kitten! I screamed and put the box in the freezer. When I got back in the room she asked, "Where's the ice cream?" Then she said, "I forgot to tell you; My kitten died and we are going to go have it stuffed." Things were never the same after that. I would never look in her freezer.

There are so many places to go and so many things to do on a date - the possibilities are limited only by imagination - and money. What happens when your date is dull and cheap? I had met this guy one summer a long time ago and we hit it off immediately. We talked off and on for several days and he finally asked me out. I was young and hadn't dated much, so I took a long time to get ready - choosing the perfect outfit, and making sure my hair looked just right. When he got there I asked where we were going. He said it was a surprise. No joke. A surprise from Hell. We began our evening at a steak house, which is fine, except that he ordered the salad bar. For us to share. Not being one to complain, I went along. When we were finished dining, we went to a FUNERAL HOME. I'm not making this up. The grandmother of one of his friends died and he took me to the receiving. And then he took me home. At 8:30. Needless to say, when he called a couple days later I was busy for the rest of my life. What was he thinking?